Journey to One Self

Does anybody know how many days will it take us to travel back and forth to see who we really are? If my question makes any sense at all. At times, I thought that it will only take a night or two. I often hear people getting away from the city or the place where they are from to go soul searching. To try and figure things out for themselves. I did try doing it myself whenever I get to travel. I’d say that I’m doing myself a favor. You know, getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city to try and sort my thoughts. I always try to make sure that whenever I go somewhere that I’d spend some time alone. See what my mind and heart tells me. It was good. I really was able to sort some things out. I thought that was enough and I’d known my entire self until now when I decided to shut myself out from the world.

I really didn’t know how it all happened. It just started out with me deactivating my social media network. My reason back then was my work. I kind of find my job overwhelming at that point and thought that I spent most of my time on it. What I hadn’t known was how deep my reasons were. Not that I’m against social networks as I do have my own (wordpress) account. Just that it was kind of getting suffocating for me (the one I deactivated). People were posting a lot of stuff online about themselves and thought I was kind of ashamed of what I had or where I’m working. You see the society where I’m living has their own set of standards. Here, when you have your own degree and license, people have their expectations and when you fall short, well you know how it goes.

So when I’m asked again, and I wish not, I just hope that I can summon up the courage to answer and tell you that the person who owns it is currently constructing herself and is in the state of putting all of the pieces together and hope to get back to you as soon as she can. But in case if I fail and give you a smile, I can only pray that you find it in your heart to be patient with me for a while and that you’d be there when this journey ends.

See you then.