Tips to Passing the CPA Licensure Exam

Well, as most of you haven’t known, I’m an accountant by profession. Much to my surprise , I passed  the exam 3 years ago. Recently, I happen to bumped into a friend of mine during my college days and was asked what are the tips to passing the CPA Licensure Exam. I figured that my answer wasn’t that full and was cut short considering that I also had to go to my class. (Yes, you read it right! I’m not a student though, if you happen to ask, but I facilitate the student’s learning). So, let’s get started.

1. Decide on it. Before you even finish your Bachelor’s degree, be sure to decide whether what is it you wanted right after. If you figure out that the license that you would receive if you pass the exam is something that you really want or need then the rest would come easily.

For me, passing the exam wasn’t  really a want but a need. I wanted to help my mom who was doing the best that she can to give us a good life. Then also, I have two siblings that have yet to finish college as well. And mind you, our finances weren’t really that good. We don’t have much to really land in a good university. We had to rely on scholarships and discounts. And much to my dismay, I figured that if I worked right after my graduation (it wasn’t as if I wasn’t working already, because I was) but you know, getting a real job, having your own desk and cubicle, those kind of stuff if you were to work in a private company, I’d risked the chance to have a better salary if I didn’t take the exam first. The responsibility of helping my siblings was already there before I even graduated, but I said to myself, why not take the exam regardless if I passed or not. At least at the end of the day, I had no regrets and what could be the worst thing that could happen?

2. After you have decided, make sure to pass your degree first or if you’ve done this as you read, then you may proceed to the next tip. But if not, continue reading.

Most of the degree’s in the country that I am studying, has this elimination process for students to be really equipped upon graduation. They put them to the test. Every after school year, before you could enroll yourself, you need to be able to pass the qualifying exam. This would cover the lessons you have discussed during the school year as well as the previous years from that. This would ensure that all the lessons were really understood and you don’t try to forget about them. Those lessons will then serve as your foundation for the upcoming school year’s lessons. So every year and exam that you pass, get’s you a step higher to your dreams.

3. After you get your degree, invest in a good review center. Trust me, the cost for such review centers is really worth it. Especially if you worked hard for what you pay.

I can proudly say that I was able to support myself during this entire process and still was able to help my mom. I was trying to juggle both my work and my studies to further prepare for the exam. For me, this was the only chance I could possibly get. I can’t afford to screw this up. I even had to let my mom understand why I needed to do this, and she really understood despite our hardships. I knew that my mom was expecting that I help out in the family’s financial affairs by then, but she was real patient about it. She managed to keep us afloat what with my two siblings both in college already.

The review for the exam would take you about 5 to 6 months of studying and burning those candles at night. It will be a tough time, mind you. You’ll be encouraged or discouraged along the way. So if you’re already enrolled in one, your almost there, just hang on for a little bit. All the hardships in the world will come to pass, as soon as this is over. (The responsibility right after the exam can be daunting, especially if you pass, but it would all come in easy especially if you’ve been through so much already).

Finishing through the entire review course, would be real boring and unexciting. But there are some tips I could give you to make your review a lot easy. I think this blog is getting too long, so I decided to have the next few tips on a separate blog. So stay tuned. And if you happen to have more tips, I would really love to hear them as well.

See you. Be right back