Initiation rite Into the blogging community

There is this saying that “Everything has a reason”. For every act that you see, look. For every word you hear, listen. For every scent you encounter, smell. For every emotion you go through, feel. This are all our senses that we normally react to. Our reactions may be acceptable or not, but what can we do? Those are our responses to every sense that we have or what I would like to call our judgments.

All over the world, I would say that there are a lot of bloggers and blog posts just waiting to be read. (I am even one who is currently blogging and thank you for reading). But what really intrigues me are the reason why bloggers (like myself) subject ourselves to the obstacle of editing and proofreading, just to be able to convey our thoughts. Then I ask myself the same thing and here are what my inner voice said.

I am definitely living in a world of layers, the ones I built for myself. I have been accustomed to the life where you have to be strong and tough to be able to find your way to the top. As to where and what lies at the top are beyond me. But it is definitely where we all like to be. As I make my way to the top, I have gained covers to protect me from the harshness of the weather. Never did I know that those covers would consume me so much that I’d forget how nice it is to be exposed.

So if I was asked again and this was my initiation into the blogging community, I’d simply say, “This is me trying to shed those layers and exposing myself to whatever this is, (God tell me what I’m doing!)”. I don’t know if my thoughts are being coherent but it is definitely something that I had to write.

Again, “Everything has a reason or a purpose”. I think I found mine, have you?