A Week to Remember

I happened to join an event a year ago. Mind you, the event couldn’t be more timely. (More details on a separate blog, Winking smile).

Of course being one of the attendees, (as has been the tradition for such event), we get to serve for the next year’s event (that would be now). For me, I felt like I owed Him, for having been able to save me before I fell off the precipice. So I managed to go join the activities in preparation for such event.

Just about time when the event was scheduled, was also the time when I decided to jump ships and look for greener pastures. It was the boldest move I made in the past couple of years. Of course I already had a better paying job awaiting for me at one of the grocery chains existing in the city.  However, things totally went south. Right after the first day of orientation, I felt that something wasn’t right. Let’s just say that I trusted my instinct on this one. Though a lot would probably berate me why? We’ll knowing what I know now, I still don’t know why. I just thought it felt right at the moment.

I was so optimistic about the changes that I made so far. I finally felt that I was taking charge of my life. Little did I know that I was in for a big surprise. I decided to take a short cut to my plans and cut out the “working-for-a-private-company-for-two-years” before I start my own firm (as they call it!).

As I was “taking-charge-of-my-life”, I was also trying to help out with the event that was scheduled four months right after. I was so non-committal to the extent of task that I was willing to take on, considering that I was also busy taking care of my so called career. I had everything planned out as to what I would be doing on the next four months (career wise). Everything went well on the first two months (April and May to be exact). I was even back to my city just in time to join one of our activity in preparation for us to serve, despite it being the birthday of my sister whom I was visiting.

Two months to go (before the event), everything was right on schedule (as far as my career goes). I attended most of our activities in preparation for the actual event. But just as it was nearing the end of the third month (June), things went out of my control. And my nightmares came to life. My so called (short-term plan) totally went out of proportion and not one materialized. Not to mention my personal responsibilities that was piling up before me.

I did ask “Why?”. When I totally thought that it was what He was telling me to do. I was totally confused right about then. But despite my confusion, He calmed me and strengthened me. Right before I met Him and this happened to me, I would have panicked and cried myself to exhaustion. I would have grabbed my resume and corporate looks and headed to one place I’m sure that would help pay the bills.

Meanwhile, as my career decided to tumble down, our preparations for the event was gaining pace. Suddenly we had to raise funds to cover the expenses for the said event. Aside from that, we also had to invite people to participate. A lot was happening then, and considering how my career has not been working on as planned, I decided to focus on the event that I was sure to happen. Maybe this is what He really meant  for me to do.

A couple of weeks more and what I didn’t realize was how I was getting too involved with the preparations. From helping out with the funds to the listing of attendees. The task were okay for me, as I thought I already had it planned as to how I would proceed. However the little nuisances made the task kind of hard. Not that I mind at all. Because I also know that my classmates were also doing a lot of tasks already. For me it was all about being able to help others, most especially the attendees.

On with the week before the big day and still a lot to do. I couldn’t recall if most of us were able to sleep well during that week. I even noticed how my classmates are still online during the wee hours of the morning, just so they could finish the task assigned to them. I could also remember how we kind of meet like everyday (almost) during that week just so that we could practice our steps for the dance and presentations, also to prepare and make the things that are needed for the event.

As our participants arrived, everybody was also on full gear.  We were not able to start as scheduled but it didn’t dampen everybody’s mood. As everybody (our participants) was waiting in anticipation, so were we.

We were all smiles despite the lack of sleep. You could see everyone doing their own thing. Simple tasks yet when combined together made a lot of difference. As is said, “We are His Body and together we do it with COOPERATION”. (Fuller details as to what transpired, or shall I say, overview of what happened, subject to disclosure issue Smile with tongue out).

As the third day approached and the activity was almost done, you’d probably think that you’d feel very tired and weary and just want to slouch on the couch and take some zzz’s, but what I felt was totally different. Seeing how we were able to achieve our objective, maybe not on everybody but on most of them, gave me strength to continue on. The feeling was quite overwhelming.

As the event ended, a friend once asked: Are you happy with your company? I did say yes and Yes, I am happy to be where I am but I also forgot to tell you that I have never felt more at peace in my life than where I am now Secret telling smile. And asked: If I were to serve again? Well, let’s see. Thy will be done!


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