We all have our masks that we run to for cover. Others perceive wearing one as a wrong thing. They tend to look at it like were actors and actresses playing up a role. But it isn’t exactly like that. Not even close. At least that’s how I see it. So why really do we wear one? Masks are used to conceal the face from being identified. But the  masks that people are often wearing is something that conceals just not the face but everything underneath it.

We all have our own roads that we pass by everyday and hour. We may find ourselves together at an intersection or beside each other on an alley but not always together. There are just those paths that are better travelled alone. But never stop trusting that at the end of the road is somebody waiting, ready to cheer you up for making it that far. Whoever we maybe when we come to the end of the road totally depends upon us. Whether we choose to walk out with our head held high and our feet on the ground or our heads floating together with the clouds. The choice is ours.

But what happened in that street or road is yours to cherished or hate. All those roads are just mere chapters in this journey that we call life. Sometimes those events are shared best with the people whom we have come to walked with or to whom we trust our life with. But not all people are alike and some prefer to keep them to themselves. Others also like to keep it as their own secret whom they will choose to reveal to somebody later but not yet. As for the meantime as they continue to walk and take on another street they put up a mask to protect themselves.

There is this line that I would like to quote, “Sometimes our best enemy are the people that are those that are closest to us. And the worst are ourselves”.


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